About Me

Hey, I’m Alex Jones.

I’m the co-founder and author of Vorder Magazine, a digital platform dedicated to health, wellness, and living your best life.

My Background

I hold a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. I’ve written health blogs for the past ten years on numerous websites.

I’ve combined my theoretical knowledge with practical skills to devise effective well-being strategies for readers. I love helping people with the latest tips and advice on living a balanced and healthy life.

My Life After Work

Apart from work, I dedicate most of my time to my three cats, Muffin, Bella, and Jenny. Muffin is a proud but cute father. Bella (mother) is only into eating, personal care, and sleep. Jenny (daughter) takes no interest in anything other than being caressed.

I play table tennis in my town’s club on weekends with my friends. Occasionally, I pay a visit to family members.

Why I Started Vorder Magazine

I started Vorder Magazine so readers could find health and fitness information they could use. We aim to encourage and inspire people to live happier and healthier lives by giving them good advice about food, exercise, and lifestyle.

The Vision of Vorder Magazine

Vorder Magazine’s ultimate goal is to provide readers with reliable health information so they can make better-informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Our mission is to be your go-to resource for health and wellness, so you may live a healthier, happier life and thrive.

My Story

I used to read several health magazines and stories when I was a kid. All the fascinating photos of fruits and vegetables in magazines amazed me. Later on, health became my passion and then my profession.

I always believe that “you are what you eat.”

This apothegm has led me to work on my health. I think our diet should be balanced but, more importantly, nutritious.

Eating the right food is not effective if there is no physical activity. It would only add fat around your belly.
You should follow a regular workout routine to become the best version of yourself.

As I mentioned about my cats, their health depends entirely on the food they eat, proper sleep, and their fun activities.

Similarly, for humans, if we prioritize our health and fulfill the needs of our bodies, we can enjoy life to the fullest.